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Here comes the 600...

posted Jun 14, 2010, 5:35 PM by Mark Beaver   [ updated Jun 14, 2010, 5:35 PM ]
Hi all, this weekend is our 600km brevet.  This ride is the culmination of the "super randonneur" series.  For those who completed the 400, this is an easier ride, by most riders' consensus.  Riders will get some sleep in the middle of the ride, which makes everything a lot better...

As some background info, the cut-off times for all brevets of 1200km and under are based upon an average speed of 15km/hr, which is not a riding average but an overall average - the "clock is running" when you fix a flat, stop for lunch, or when you sleep.  So 600km divided by 15 is 40 hours to do the ride.

This ride will depart from Graham's Grove at either 0500 hrs or perhaps at 0600hrs depending on the consensus of the participants.  The route for the first day is  We will ride up to Truro then on to Masstown and Economy.  After Parrsboro at 180km, it is hilly until Advocate then relatively flat/rolling til Joggins and fairly easy terrain to Amherst (325km).  We will overnight in Amherst at a hotel, then get going early the next morning.

Day two is  Amherst to Wentworth, fairly gentle, then Folly Mtn, then gentle all the way to Upper Stewiacke, then Dean hill, then gentle all the way to Porters Lake then those hills around Lake Echo and the depressingly busy Main Street into Dartmouth.  275km

As I would like to book a couple of hotel rooms for Saturday night, please let me know soonest if you plan to attend.  So far we have confirmations from Mark and Dave and Tony.  Who else is in?