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rides on Saturday May 10

posted May 6, 2014, 5:17 PM by Mark Beaver
This Saturday, May 10th, we have two rides for you.

The scheduled ride is one of our spring 200km brevets, entitled, "Wentworth - Scotsburn 200k".  Although, in reality, it should be called Scotsburn - Wentworth, because that's the direction in which we're doing it.

This ride will assemble at the parking lot of the school in Lower Onslow, just across the Salmon River north of Truro.  Take Exit 14A off Highway 102 and turn left, the school is just past the overpass.  Departure time is 8AM.

Link to the route is  Print off the map and cue sheet and bring them along with you.

We'll be riding up Route 4 over Mount Thom then on to Scotsburn and Earltown, then up to Tatamagouche and Wallace.  Then we'll head south through backroads to the Wentworth Valley to Masstown and back to Lower Onslow.

This is a brevet ride so you'll carry a checkpoint card with you to get signatures at selected checkpoints along the way.  You can earn a commemorative medal for your ride - if you want one, bring along $15.

Please notify Mark Beaver of your intentions to participate by Friday afternoon so that I can prepare a brevet card for you.

For those of us who aren't up for 200km, there's a shorter option. The route is  This route is 124km.

This will accompany the 200k riders for the first 80km then continue south from Earltown back to Lower Onslow.  We'll stop at the store in Earltown.

Hoping to see a good crew out on Saturday!