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rides on Saturday May 14th

posted May 10, 2016, 3:49 PM by Mark Beaver
Hi folks, this weekend we have two rides with which to tempt you.

The 200k brevet this weekend is entitled, "White Rock - Welsford". The shorter option is called "White Rock - Wolfville". Both rides offer a stunning variety of scenery and terrain.



The rides will assemble at the carpool parking lot at St. Croix, Exit 4 off Highway 1, just past Mount Uniacke.  Departure time will be 8:00AM.

Both rides begin simultaneously.  The 100k ride will accompany the brevet riders for the first half, then branch off to Wolfville for lunch then back to Windsor.  The brevet will continue to English Mountain to Berwick for a bite of lunch, then on to Centerville and Wolfville and on to Avonport to Windsor and back to St. Croix.

If you plan to ride the brevet, please let me know by Friday afternoon of your intention to participate.  Pre-registration isn't required for the 100k option.  If you wish to earn a medal for your 200k, please bring along $15 with you.

Hope to see a good group for Saturday!