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VanIsle 1200 in BC

posted Apr 1, 2010, 1:34 PM by Mark Beaver   [ updated Apr 1, 2010, 1:35 PM ]

(from Ken Bonner, BC Randonneurs...)

The 2010 VanIsle 1200k webpages have been updated on the British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club’s website

Start-Finish is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island.  Victoria is the capital city of the Province of British Columbia, know in tourist-land as ‘a little bit of olde England’.

The seaside and forested route is similar to the inaugural VanIsle 1200 (2006), EXCEPT that a 180k scenic, wilderness in-out from Campbell River to Gold River & return, has been substituted for the trip around the Saanich Peninsula at the beginning and the end of the 2006 edition of the VanIsle 1200. 

This is a minimally supported 1200k brevet with one drop-bag control at Campbell River accessed THREE times (285k; 463k; and 934k);  Please see the VanIsle web-pages for more information (click on the link above).

If you are interested in riding this scenic and challenging Randonneurs Mondiaux-approved 1200k randonnee, please do not procrastinate.  The rider limit is 50, and we already have 20 registrants.  The order of rider acceptance is, first to qualify and send in payment will be first to be registered.  If necessary, a waiting list may be established as it is a known occurrence that life circumstances can interfere with a registered rider’s ability to arrive at the start.

Can-Am pin – The Can-Am pin is awarded to those riders who complete a Randonneurs Mondiaux approved 1200k (or more) brevet in the U.S.A. AND Canada in one calendar year.  Although there are several opportunities to ride a 1200k randonnee in the U.S.A. in 2010, the VanIsle 1200 is the only 1200k available in Canada this year.  Some folks are giving consideration to riding both the Cascade 1240 in Washington State and the VanIsle 1200 in B.C. as they are both geographically and chronologically close together.

Also, for those who are interested,  the UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) has added the VanIsle 1200 to its list of Ultra Cycling Cup Calendar of rides

Hope to see you at the VanIsle 1200!

Cheers …  Ken